How Do Heat Pumps Work

Hot water heat pumps operate by extracting heat from the air and transferring it to the water in the tank. This process is similar to how a refrigerator works but in reverse. The heat pump contains a refrigerant that evaporates at low temperatures, absorbing heat from the air. This vapor is then compressed, raising its temperature, and the heat is transferred to the water.

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We offer two heat pump models, the 220L and 270L, both feature an optional built-in electric heater. This feature serves as a backup for faster heating, guaranteeing a continuous supply of hot water even in cold weather conditions!
For households of up to four people, we recommend the Emerald 220L Heat Pump. Larger households with four or more people would benefit from the Emerald 270L Heat Pump.

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What is a hot water heat pump?

A hot water heat pump, or a heat pump water heater, is a specialized appliance designed to provide hot water for residential or commercial use through an energy-efficient process. It transfers heat from one location to another rather than generating heat directly. 

How can an Emerald Heat-pump save money?

Heat-pumps have an Energy saving of 74-78% compared to standard electric hot water.
A heat-pump hot water system uses much less electricity than an electric storage hot water system. This is because it only uses electricity to drive the compressor and the fan, instead of using electricity to heat the water directly with an electric element.

What components are used?

Made from premium components for optimum performance and reliability.
1. Manufactured using quality products such as Grundfos; the number one water pump brand, and Toshiba JV compressors with a larger 3.6kw heating capacity for higher efficiency.
2. Back-up element as standard
3. It is fitted with an E-heater for quicker hot water in winter – unlike some other heat pumps on the market.
4. Durable 2.5mm thick enamel water tank

How do I create a Smart Action?

The Emerald Home App allows you to manage your Emerald Heat pump remotely. A part of this remote control is the ability to set Smart Actions.
Here is an example of setting up a Schedule Smart Action.

1. In the Emerald app, click Smart Actions
2. Create and name your new Smart Action. Select ‘Trigger‘ and add a ‘Schedule‘.
3. Set your desired ‘Start Time’, and select the days you would like the trigger to be activated.
4. Set the ‘Action’ as your Heat Pump device and set it to turn ON.
5. Repeat these first four steps again, but set your ‘Trigger’ for the desired end time, and your ‘Action’ for the Heat Pump to turn OFF rather than on.

What outdoor temperatures can the Heat Pumps operate in?

Emerald heat pumps can operate in ambient temperatures of -7°C to +40°C.

What is the kWh usage of an Emerald Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than standard electric resistance hot water systems; as they use air source heating to heat and cool refrigerant which is cycled through the system and heats the water using a heat exchange system.
Because of this; electricity consumption is very low as it is only used to power the fan and internal electronics and has a low draw on the electrical grid.
The average kWh usage of an Emerald Heat Pump is 3-4 kWh per day (0.85 kW) compared to the kWh usage of a standard electric standard hot water system, which is 14-18 kWh per day(3.6 kW).
Please note; that these figures are based on average usage and will vary depending on how often the system needs to heat large amounts of water in the tank.